Working with healthcare professionals

We value our relationship with healthcare professionals as they provide important practical information when utilizing our medicines and provide feedback on improving  treatments for patients.

Research and Development: Healthcare professionals and institutions collaborate with Aquestive to advance medicines and solve patient problems.  We have ongoing research and clinical trials with these entities to help bring medicines before the Federal Food and Drug Administration for review and approval.

Professional Advising and Consulting:  Aquestive seeks advice and input from healthcare professionals, in particular key opinion leaders, to better understand the science behind our available medicines and the desired administration options for these medicines to improve patient healthcare.  We utilize the expertise of healthcare professionals to design clinical research studies and help gather real-world knowledge through advisory boards and consulting arrangements.

Aquestive provides a Copay Support program for eligible patients, to help patients get the medicines they need and have been prescribed by their Physician. In some cases, we offer $0 co-pay for eligible patients. For questions about this $0 co-pay offer, please call 1-833-278-3788.