Transparency in Grants

The mission of the Aquestive Therapeutics Grants and Education is to support high quality educational programs for healthcare professionals that will improve patient care and which are fully compliant with all legal, regulatory and Aquestive Therapeutics guidelines.

Consistent with Federal Law and ethical standards under which Aquestive Therapeutics conducts business, grants must never be linked to prescribing, purchasing,
formulary status or reimbursement.

Any grant requests for activities taking place within the United States (U.S.), or including U.S.
HCPs as participants must be submitted to for review and consideration.

As a commitment to improving patient care, Aquestive Therapeutics will evaluate educational grant requests that are independent of commercial bias and non-promotional in nature. Educational grants can be requested to support live events, web-based education, or enduring medical educational material.

Aquestive Therapeutics will accept grant requests for professional medical education programs from the following:

    • Accredited continuing medical education providers
    • Hospitals, community health centers
    • Academic medical centers, medical universities
    • Professional medical associations/societies
    • Managed care organizations
    • Medical education partner companies/providers

Aquestive Therapeutics will evaluate grant requests for support of Research Fellowships
(for Residents and Fellows) submitted by professional medical associations/societies
and medical institutions. Fellowship award recipients should not have already been chosen.

Components of a Complete Grant Request (General Criteria for Grants)

  • Request is submitted at least 60 days prior to program start date
  • Request is in alignment with areas of interest to Aquestive Therapeutics

Needs assessment

  • Objectives are clearly defined and aligned with the needs assessment
  • Agenda is consistent with objectives
  • Budget is reasonable and cost-effective
  • Outcomes measurement plan
  • W-9 that is dated and signed within 1 year of grant submission



      • Programs that increase understanding and medical expertise in the field of epilepsy.
      • Programs that expand awareness of the challenges that patients with epilepsy face and the role of innovations in epilepsy treatment.
      • Programs that improve diagnostic awareness and therapeutic assessment of epilepsy.
      • Programs that foster knowledge of appropriate management and assessment of patient outcomes.
      • Programs that improve diagnostic accuracy and awareness of appropriate diagnostic assessment criteria.
      • Programs that expand awareness of the challenges that patients with anaphylaxis face and the role of innovations in anaphylaxis treatment.
      • Programs that address the clinical or health economic burden of disease, support advancements in Anaphylaxis research, and explore the effect and safety of Anaphylaxis therapies.
      • Programs that foster knowledge and improve quality, delivery of care, utilization, and assessment of patient outcomes.